Company Profiles
B&B Coach Works
Industrial Automatic Transmission Service, Inc.
    Note: Industrial Automatic has been sold to new owners
Larry Thomson and Jimmy Diesel
    Note: Larry Thomson has retired and no longer works at Jimmy Diesel
Legends for the Road -American Carriage
Meet The Hoffmans of Hoffman Coach
Midwest Products, Inc.
RV Interiors, Inc. Creates Slide-outs for Motorhomes
    Note: RV Interiors, Inc. sold to new owners in 2001
Sundance Coach Company

Do It Yourself Projects
Note: Do-It-Yourself articles are presented "as is". The projects work in our application but we make no claim and assume no responsibility for any other use of the information.
A Cool Way to Travel
A Full Function ICC Switch for Prevost
Add-On ICC Switch
Battery Electrolyte Level Monitor
Daytime Running Lights for Coach & Car
Deceleration Lights
Generator Fire-the experience, the repair, and the prevention      
Monitoring Battery Temperature
Protecting Voltage Sensitive Equipment
Retro-fitting Cruisair Electronic Controls
Through the Roof Generator Exhaust
Product Reviews:
Atwood's High Output Cooktop
Good Governor from Powerwatch Technologies
Review of the Trekmate Security System
Street Atlas 2006
The M&G Car Braking System
The M&G Tow Bar
The New All Steer Chassis from Oshkosh
The Tire Sentry Tire Monitor
The Van Hool Conversion Shell
The VORAD Vehicle & Driver Alert System
Updates for the Trekmate Security System
Using the Allison World Transmission Shift Selector

Educational and Technical Information:
Accessory Brakes for Motorhomes
Alternative Energy Systems, Part I
Alternative Energy Systems, Part II
Alternative Energy Systems, Part III
Buying an RV?
Carbon Monoxide, the Silent Killer
Do you Have the Correct Driver's License?
Effects of the CFC 12 Production Ban on Motor Vehicle A/C Systems
Enhancing the 12 V Charging System Performance
GPS Navigation
Inverter Preface-Direct & Alternating Current
Inverter History
Inverter Technology
Know Your 12 Volt DC Power
The Dowdles' Dream
Tire Blowouts
Water, Water, Everywhere, But is it Safe to Drink?

Another Dynamic Book from Smead & Ishihara
Enlightening Energy Books
The Drive Against Prostate Cancer
The Exit Authority, 1999 Edition
The Mountain Directory
Traveling in a "Mule-A-Bago"